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Global attention! The story of 5 Shoes companies in Wenzhou
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On the afternoon of November 9, in the headquarters of Kangnai Group in Lucheng District, a symposium over the guiding principles of 20th National Congress was livebroadcast to the whole world. Akmal, a foreign anchor of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center (a member of “Hai’ou Community”) was invited to join this symposium together, sharing his ideas with overseas Chinese through online video-connection.



In recent years, Lucheng, where "Chinese Shoe Capital" resides, is trying to upgrade the "Chinese Shoe Capital" to the "Global Shoe Capital". As an old local shoe company, Kangnai's shoe-making process has changed from manual to mechanization, then to informationization, and digitalization. Kangnai has achieved growth from scale to high quality, which also reflected the development and changes of Lucheng.


The report of 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made many major decisions over the development of private economy. It clearly put forward to strengthen the development of the private economy, which inspired Zheng Laili, the president of Kangnai Group. At the symposium scene, Zheng Laili shared his thoughts over Kangnai’s future development.


In Zheng Laili's opinion, the key to development of acompany lies in technological innovation.



"We have specifically established the developmental idea of "using innovative technology to provide customers with the best comfort'. "Zheng Laili said that they actively responded to the national digital development strategy, empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with digitalization, continuously promoting the high-quality development through digital research and development, digital marketing, and digital intelligent manufacturing, and actively playing the role as a leading enterprise to create an "industrial chain community" with new development concepts.