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Global attention! The story of 5 Shoes companies in Wenzhou
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The report of 20th National Congress pointed out that China would adhere to the basic national policy of opening-up to the outside world, firmly pursue the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, and continuously provide new opportunities for the world, promote the construction of an open global economy, and benefit people from all countries. Xu Pengming, who was a Spanish overseas Chinese and participated in the symposium by livestreaming interaction, was inspired by this statement.


"More and more countries are having economic cooperation with China, which has greatly enhanced overseas Chinese’s confidences and created more opportunities for them." Xu Pengming said.


"Yes, Spain and China have close cooperation on international trade. In 2005, on behalf of the Wenzhou Shoe & Leather Association, we invited the Spanish Elche Shoe Industry Association to come to Wenzhou for inspection, which enhanced mutual understanding between the two sides. Today, it’s of special significance that we learn the guiding principles of 20th National Congress with Spanish overseas Chinese together. "Cai Farong said.


As the symposium came to end, Zheng Laili gripped the microphone and said: "We will adhere to the strategy of innovative development, and make our every effort to realize the goal of becoming the world's most famous shoe company."