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Open Tianmu News, checking out the beautiful "Millennium Porcelain Capital"
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As Jingdezhen, a"Millennium Porcelain Capital", collides with short video, what kind of wonderfulness will come out? On November 7~9, the Tianmu photographer activity, which is guided by the Publicity Department of CPC Jingdezhen Municipal Committee, sponsored by Jingdezhen Taoyi Culture & Tourism Group and Tianmu Media, and hosted by Jingdezhen Taoyi Culture Development Co., Ltd, is held in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. The activity is also one of the offline activities of short video contest titled "Tao Xi Chuan, we meet you here" .

More than 30 photographers from Jiangxi, Zhejiang and overseas regions participate in this activity. During the 3 days visit, they hit Tao Xi Chuan Cultural and Creative Block, Tao Yang Li Royal Kiln Scenic Area and Shizi Garden in Hanxi Village, Fuliang County to experience the unique charming porcelain culture and human culture in Jingdezhen.

The organizers unveil the "Tianmu News Short Video Creation Training Base" at Art Museum of Tao Xi Chuan Cultural and Creative Block.

As a local maker in Jingdezhen, Wang Wenhua whose internet nickname is "Porcelain Maker Wang", has tried to show the creation of miniature porcelains on various short video platforms as early as 5 years ago. As a maker of the Tianmu News, Wang Wenhua shares his creative experience on the Tianmu News with photographers.

This activity is held online and offline synchronously. On November 1, Tianmu News Client took the lead in launching the works collection for "Tao Xi Chuan, we meet you here"short video contest, inviting netizens across China to visit Jingdezhen, meet Tao Xi Chuan, and upload the beautiful moments to the Tianmu topic in the form of video. The outstanding video works will be selected by organizer and get rewarded.

At the same time, this activity is supported by the overseas Chinese media matrix of Tianmu News.