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US anchor Craig's Longwan journey of calligraphy and painting
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US anchor Craig's Longwan journey of calligraphy and painting

The Lonwan of Wenzhou not only has a fast-growing economy, but also is rich in cultural deposits. Craig (Zhang Lei), a foreign anchor of the Overseas Media Center, is full of admiration for Longwan after checking out the Longwan Calligraphy and Painting Academy. 

Craig has lived in Wenzhou for 7 years. He is fond of Chinese splendid traditional culture, especially he is full of interest in Wenzhou's profound historical heritage. As a foreign anchor, working with the film crew of the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, he has shot a series of bilingual videos, tastingthe Pingyang Huangtang Tea, and visiting the Jiangxin Islet in downtown Wenzhou.

It is reported that the Longwan Calligraphy and Painting Academy where Craig checked out this time is sponsored by the Longwan District Federation of Literary and Art. It provides a place for literary and art workers and the public who are keen on painting and calligraphy to study skills and create artistic works. Meanwhile, the Longwan District Federation of Literary and Art conducts extensive activities here such as sinology exchanges, literary and artistic research, painting and calligraphy creation, exhibition training, and foreign exchanges. What’s particularly interesting was that Craig started his unique journey of calligraphy and painting from playing Go with Lin Xingming, deputy secretary general of the Longwan Artists Association. Afterwards, he followed Xiang Feiyun, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, using writing brush to write down the Chinese character "书" on white paper in official script, seal script, lower case script and running script. After experiencing calligraphy, under the guidance of Mr. Lin, he continued to enjoy the charm of Chinese painting. At the scene, Craig carefully appreciated Lin Xingming's painting work "Evergreen", and listened to him narrating the creation story and implied meaning of this work. Along the way, he was amazed by the antique architectural style of Longwan Calligraphy and Painting Academy.