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The colored-stone mosaic under the fingertips of the French anchor
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The colored-stone mosaic under the fingertips of the French anchor

Not only did a French anchor appreciated the charm of colored-stone mosaic at close range, but he also followed the master to experience every step of its production process. Recently, the film crew of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center and Vincent, a foreign anchor from Paris, France,came to Yangyi Street, Lucheng District, in Wenzhou to see the colored-stone mosaic. The film crew from CGTN did the filming work at the same time.


It is understood that the colored-stone mosaic is a combination of stone carving and wood carving. It began in the Qing Dynasty taking at least 18 production processes to complete a colored-stone mosaic work. Each process requires craftsman's great efforts. In 2008, it was selected into the second batch of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List. At present, there are about 20 employees in Wenzhou engaged in colored-stone mosaic industry. Miao Chengjin, a master of arts and crafts in Zhejiang Province and the head of the colored-stone mosaic studio in Yangyi Street, Lucheng District, is a representative figure.

Foreign anchor Vincent said that he has lived in Wenzhou for many years and he is particularly fond of Chinese excellent traditional culture and Wenzhou's intangible cultural heritage. This time he had the opportunity to experience the beauty of colored-stone mosaic at close range, which made him very happy. He also hope that through this video, more overseas netizens, relatives and friends in his hometown could feel the charm of Wenzhou's intangible cultural heritage.