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We Celebrate Chinese New Year in Wenzhou
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As a traditional Chinese folk festival, the Little New Year is not only a day of ringing out the old year and ushering in the new year, but also it spreads the concepts of Chinese civilization, such as peace and harmony. Carrying out humanistic exchanges on the festivals is a cultural practice that could promote the people from different countries and cultures to connect with one another, to blend their love with one another, and to hold hands with one another.


On Feb.1st, a cultural exchange event titled with “Flying Dragon & Promising Future” was held at “Daka China·Hai’Ou Community” Internet Communication Center (Wenzhou Overseas Media Center). It’s hosted by Wenzhou Cyberspace Administration, Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism, and CPPCC Lucheng District Committee Member Studio.


The event invited more than 60 Chinese and foreigners including international friends in Wenzhou, teachers and students from Wenzhou’s various universities to participate. Wenzhou intangible cultural heritages such as rice sculpture, sugar painting and puppetry were fully displayed on the site. What’s more, song, magic and other exciting performances were given by artists to feast the eyes and ears of all the guests, together with these interactive games like guessing lantern riddles, writing Spring couplets. The event brought everyone present a wonderful, joyful holiday carnival. At the same time, an "Online Chinese Festivals" event was carried out synchronously to promote the inheritance and development of Chinese outstanding traditional culture.

It is reported that since 2021, Wenzhou Cyberspace Administration has carried out international cultural exchange events themed with “Our Festivals” for three consecutive years in the Little New Year, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional Chinese festivals. Through inviting foreign friends to spend the Chinese traditional festivals together, we showcase them the Chinese modern life, enhancing their knowledge and recognition of China in a subtle way.