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China-Italy (Europe) Cultural Exchange Base officially founded
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On January 12, the establishment ceremony of Wenzhou China-Italy (Europe) Cultural Exchange Base was held in Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, in which more than 60 guests were invited to participate. Among them, there are 35 international students from Italy and South Korea studying in Wenzhou University, and members of the "Hai’Ou Community". On the establishment ceremony, VIVIANA, a coffee trainer from Espresso Academy Italia, also brought a unique coffee culture salon to the guests present. 

It is reported that Wenzhou China-Italy (Europe) Cultural Exchange Base was jointly founded by College of International Education, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, CPPCC Committee Member Studio in Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, and Espresso Academy Italia. The establishment ceremony of China-Italy (Europe) Cultural Exchange Base kicked off with the welcome speech of Jiang Hui, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Lucheng District Committee. Jiang Hui said she hoped that the establishment of the base can further promote the exchange and collision of excellent traditional culture between Wenzhou and Italy. In the future, more international friends would come here to deliver China's good voice, and further expand the channels of foreign cultural exchange. 

Song Zhanmei, Dean of College of International Education, Wenzhou University, introduced the establishment background and future plan of China-Italy (Europe) Cultural Exchange Base. She said the base is not only an embodiment of friendship between China and Italy, but also a new exploration of the training of international students. On that day, the Espresso Academy Italia was invited to participate in the event. Taking coffee as a medium, guests from different countries achieved a mutual understanding of civilizations, opening a new stage of people-to-people exchange. 

Afterwards, Jiang Hui, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Lucheng District Committee, and Song Zhanmei, Dean of College of International Education, Wenzhou University, jointly unveiled the plaque for China-Italy (Europe) Cultural Exchange Base. Furthermore, Song Zhanmei signed a cooperation agreement with Xu Penghuai, member of the Standing member of CPPCC Lucheng District Committee and director of Wenzhou Overseas Media, and Zhang Xiang, head of China Branch of Espresso Academy Italia.