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The "new" fashion of Lucheng in Katrina's eyes
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Editor's Note: Lucheng is the center of Wenzhou, and also a key overseas Chinese township. It has 88,700 overseas Chinese distributed in 133 countries and regions, and 52,000 relatives of overseas Chinese.

Last year, Lucheng District Overseas Chinese Association launched a series of bilingual programs titled "Developments of Lucheng in Overseas Chinese's Eyes", displaying the great achievements Lucheng has gained in economy, life, and cultural construction through the perspectives of overseas Chinese.

This year, a new series of bilingual programs titled "Lucheng’s Common Prosperity in Overseas Chinese's Eyes" has been launched, telling the story of the new generation of overseas Chinese. We hope to further stimulate the wisdom of the overseas Chinese community, and continuously pump more youthful power into the construction of Wenzhou!


In the free and tolerant era, the "new youth" is the most active and dynamic force in the whole society. They’re not bound by common customs, and always carry the banner of the times with their enthusiasm. As a member of the new youth, Katrina, who returns from studying abroad, has brought the coffee culture back to Lucheng, giving more vitality to her hometown.


"In my opinion, coffee is not just a drink. It represents an attitude towards life. During the years of studying and living abroad, I was truly fascinated by the strong coffee culture. The rich aroma of coffee brought me a sense of happiness." Katrina said.


Lucheng is a place full of interesting souls. Young people like Katrina are constantly making innovations here, pumping new energy into their hometown!