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Learn to speak practical English with international volunteers
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On November 24, the second "Learning Practical English for the Asian Games" salon was held at the Gymnasium of Wenzhou Sports Center. This activity, which was jointly organized by Wenzhou People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Wenzhou Overseas Media Center. After the last English training, the staff of Wenzhou Sports Center have actively engaged in English learning, improving their English skills quickly. This second salon is not only a review of the previous learning outcome, but also a key step to boost the enthusiasm for learning.

The salon site

The lecturer for the second salon was still Hamad, who is a doctor from Wenzhou Panhealth Medical Center,and an international volunteer from Wenzhou Overseas Media Center. On that salon, Hamad prepared carefully, communicating with everyone in English. In order for everyone to better understand and master the practical spoken English, Hamad prepared paper materials in both Chinese and English, so that the staff could take them out and review them at any time to further enhance the learning efficiency.

Staff of Wenzhou Sports Center take notes carefully

Hamad said he was glad to see that everyone was so committed and persistent in learning English. He was even more impressed that some of the staff members were learning English with their own children and even grandchildren. During the training, Hamad shared his story of learning Chinese,and he encouraged everyone to have more communication and create more opportunities to speak English.


It is reported that Wenzhou Overseas Media Center will held "Learning Practical English for the Asian Games" salons in future. Please stay tuned!