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Alisher's distinctive "Time Travel" at Yongjia School Museum
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"It is often said that if you want to understand a city, besides enjoying its natural landscape, you also have to go deep into its cultural world." Said Alisher, a foreign anchor from Tajikistan. Today, through this video, we follow Alisher to visit Yongjia School Museum and explore Wenzhou’s cultural charm.


Yongjia School Museum is located in Haitan Mountain Cultural Park in Wenzhou. Han Yue, who is in charge of the museum, introduced to Alisher that Yongjia School is a school of thought born in Wenzhou during the Song Dynasty. A group of advanced scholars such as Xue Jixuan, Chen Fuliang and Ye Shi promoted academic innovations and put forward academic ideas such as humanistic pragmatism. Several little narrators, namely Zhou Lingrui, Lin Chenyu and Shi Bowen, were serving in the museum, . They told Alisher the cultural contributions made by Xue Jixuan, Chen Fuliang, and Ye Shi.


Listening to those outstanding scholars’ life stories, Alisher said that he seemed to travel back to the Song Dynasty thousands of years ago, and conducted in -depth exchanges with ancient scholars, which made him have a deeper understanding of Yongjia School and experience its unique charm in an immersive manner. "In future I hope that I can have the opportunity to spread the academic thoughts of Yongjia School to the entire world."