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Russian anchor Sandra takes you to appreciate the Ou Porcelain
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Ou kiln is one of famous kilns in ancient China. The ancient poets once wrote elegant verses which goes, "the selected exquisite porcelain and pottery wares are all from kiln in Dong’ou", to praise the Ou Porcelain. In this video, Sandra from Russia, a foreign anchor of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, takes us to explore the beauty of Ou Porcelain.


"Ou" is the ancient name of Wenzhou, and the porcelain wares produced in Ou kiln are called Ou Porcelain. The making of Ou porcelain wares began around the middle and late Eastern Han Dynasty. During the video-filming,Mr. Chen Jingwei, the inheritor of the municipal intangible cultural heritage - Ou Porcelain, told Sandra that the traditional Ou porcelain wares are mainly tea sets. And the workmanship has been constantly innovating. Now our artisans not only inherit the making of traditional statuary porcelains, but also ingeniously create porcelain wares like coffee cup, vases, etc, which have Wenzhou local dialect imprinted on the bodies. These innovative wares are helpful for promoting Ou Porcelain to the entire world.


Under the guidance of Mr. Chen, Sandra made a traditional Ou porcelain ware by her own hands. Mr. Chen said that the production process of Ou porcelain wares generally consists of three steps. First, shape the porcelain wares with the mud collected from the riversides of Oujiang. Second, glaze the air-dried wares after one week. Third, bake the glazed wares with a high temperature. Then, Sandra visited Ou Porcelain Town, which is a characteristic town themed with “Ou Porcelain”. It combines tourism and cultural industry and takes into account the history and inheritance of Ou Porcelain. Sandra told us that she is more and more fascinated by Ou Porcelain. And she hoped that more people could understand the immortal charm of Ou Porcelain through this video.