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A Taste of Love between foreign anchor Iurii and Ou Cuisine
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There is an old Chinese saying which goes “Food is the most basic necessity of the people”. Have you tried China's 8 major cuisines? Have you heard of Ou cuisine, one of the 4 genres of Zhejiang cuisine? Today, with this video, we follow the anchor Iurii to taste the delicious Ou dishes together.


Ou cuisine, which is also called Wenzhou dish, is a provincial intangible cultural heritage with a history of more than 2,000 years. Its taste is fresh, bland,not spicy or salty. Jiang Peng, a Chinese cooking master, said that Ou cuisine is known for cooking seafood. It lays emphasis on the skill in cutting and demands less oil.


Wenzhou is adjacent to the East China Sea, so "fish" is very popular on Wenzhou people's dining table. In the video, Pan Xiaolin, a China's national cooking master,demonstrates the making of Wenzhou fish balls, one of the most representative Wenzhou dishes. Although fish balls are called "balls", actually they are shaped like corals. The chef’s hands movements are very important when they are making fish balls. It is necessary to combine fish meat with various accessories, which could make the high-density flesh of fish extremely tasty. Master Pan Xiaolin said: "When we were young, Wenzhou dishes nourished us with its unique delicious flavors. After we grow up, as the successor, promoter, and innovator of Ou cuisine, we are proud of it. This is our love for Ou cuisine that we can't let go of." Nowadays, Wenzhou people are all over the world, and Ou cuisine embodies a strong nostalgia. It’s spreading to all parts of the world little by little. The world will gradually understand our Ou cuisine culture and the people around the world can taste our Wenzhou food.


It is reported that the series of bilingual short videos "Wenzhou intangible culture to be seen by the world" is about the stories of Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage, which invites foreigners to serve as narrators and is released through overseas and domestic media platforms. The purpose of producing this series of bilingual short videos is to spread Wenzhou’s culture to the entire world, promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning, and jointly write a new chapter for the prosperity and development of Chinese and foreign cultures in 2022. This year, Wenzhou is selected as the “Culture City of East Asia”. Next, we will continue to launch more videos to bring you closer to Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage. Please stay tuned.