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Listen to the Cangnan nursery rhyme sung by a foreign singer
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Have you ever heard the Cangnan Nursery Rhymes sung by foreign singers? Let’s follow in the footsteps of Jeniffer, an Angolan anchor (anchor of "Hai’ou Community"), to visit Qianku Town in Cangnan, experiencing its unique regional culture behind nursery rhymes!


Jeniffer is a graduate of Wenzhou University as well as a singer. In her eyes, music is a better communication way than talking, through which she can freely express her emotions. Together with friends from South Africa, Zimbabwe and other countries, she has formed the band “New Beginnings”. She has written and published original songs such as "I Love Wenzhou", etc. She said that she likes to deeply experience regional culture and get in touch with local nursery rhymes in this way.


Qianku Town, known as the "water-bound town in the south of the Yangtze River", has a history of more than 1,000 years. Man Hua is one of the Cangnan dialects, and mainly spoken by local people in Qianku Town and Yanting Town. This dialect remains the characteristics of ancient language in sentence patterns and pronunciation. The nursery rhyme "Yue Ling Ge" uses simple words to record the scenes of local people’s life in the past, witnessing this precious treasure of folk culture. For Cangnan, the nursery rhyme is not only an outstanding folk cultural heritage, but also an important local cultural IP. For individual, in our daily life, we need to feel the charm of our history, as well as poetry and dream. Qianku Town can satisfy all your imaginations. So, why not come here to have a visit!