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Going to Yandang Mountain, Experiencing the Fei Lada(An Extreme Sport That You Want)
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Yandang Mountain, known as "the famous mountain on the sea, and the amazing miracle over the world", is famous for its beautiful landscapes. It is called as "the No.1 mountain in the southeast of China".

The characteristics of Fei Lada line: It retains the thrills of climbing in the wild and achieves the goals of exercising people’s physical strengths and their wills. Meantime, it greatly reduces the professional technical requirements for the climbers, and allows ordinary people to ramble along the cliffs with fully-guaranteed security. When you climb up to the summit, you will have great spiritual enjoyment.


With the rope, cord and webbing, you can be as free and easy as breezes and clouds and take some beautiful photos. 

This is a place where you could feel quiet. The breezes are tender and the sunshine is not dazzling. It's time to get rid of exhaustion and pressure and spend time listening to the winds, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and encountering a different self.

With the blowing breezes, you have reached the tight rope. As long as you are confident and brave, you can have a dance on the tight rope.

As long as keeping your eyesight at the horizontal level, you could overcome it unconsciously with a thinking that there is always love everywhere.

As far as your eyes could reach, the scenery here is the best.

Only the Fei Lada that you overcome by yourself is the perpetual Fei Lada.

Without any rehearsal, every step on the cliffs is a live broadcast. It is so beautiful that people are brought to tears. All encounters in this lifetime are the reunions of the previous existence.

As long as you trust on the equipment, you can drink water handsomely like this.

You can relax yourself and wait for the winds.

You can be your most beautiful self at the best of time.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve never seen the Snow White, nor the Little Red Riding Hood, as long as you have seen the legend of Fei Lada.  

Show your smiles in the mountains, so dreamlike and so romantic.

Under the guide of the professional leader, the tight rope is not as terrible as you might imagined! The hard work is where the success lies.