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Going to Yandang Mountain, Experiencing the Fei Lada(An Extreme Sport That You Want)
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Yandang Mountain, known as "the famous mountain on the sea, and the amazing miracle over the world", is famous for its beautiful landscapes. It is called as "the No.1 mountain in the southeast of China".

Yandang Mountain, known as "the famous mountain on the sea, and the amazing miracle over the world", is famous for its beautiful landscapes. It is called as "the No.1 mountain in the southeast of China". The main part of Yandang Mountain is located in the northeast seaside of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and its small fraction is in the southern part of Wenling, Taizhou. Yandang Mountain was formed 120 million years ago. It is a cretaceous rhyolitic crater in the volcanic belt on the continental margin of the Pacific Rim.

If there is a place that can take you away from all the chaos around you and let you see this world from another angle, then it must be the Fei Lada of Yandang Mountain.

When you are being envious of other people writing down the sentence "The world is so wonderful that I want to have a look", they've been already on the way.

The Fei Lada of Yandang Mountain is located in the Taping Peak surrounded in the Longxi mountains and stretched vertically to the ridge of the Beiyang Mountain. The scenery here is so beautiful, looking like a gallery. Climbing up to the Fei Lada, all sorts of strange and odd rocks which could be found everywhere would make people feel enchanted. Perhaps the encounter of Longxi and Fei Lada seems to be such a meeting through a thousand years.

Longxi is located in the Yandang Mountain, which is the National 5A Scenic Area,the National Geopark, the No.1 mountain in the southeast of China and known as "the famous mountain on the sea, and the amazing miracle over the world". Longxi County is in Yueqing, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Accompanied by the cozy breezes in early autumn season, people ascend along the trail. With the blue sky and beautiful mountains over their heads, It will take more than 20 minutes for people to get to the starting point of Fei Lada. The story unfolds on these landscapes and people.

Fei Lada is the transliteration of the Italian word Via Ferrata, meaning the rock-wall expedition or the iron road. It refers to the climbing track constructed on the mountain surface, which consists of iron handrails, ladders, fixed cables, rock plugs, and foot mats. It allows climbers who know nothing about climbing to climb up the steep walls with the equipment.

The characteristics of Fei Lada line: It retains the thrills of climbing in the wild and achieves the goals of exercising people’s physical strengths and their wills. Meantime, it greatly reduces the professional technical requirements for the climbers, and allows ordinary people to ramble along the cliffs with fully-guaranteed security. When you climb up to the summit, you will have great spiritual enjoyment.


With the rope, cord and webbing, you can be as free and easy as breezes and clouds and take some beautiful photos. 

This is a place where you could feel quiet. The breezes are tender and the sunshine is not dazzling. It's time to get rid of exhaustion and pressure and spend time listening to the winds, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and encountering a different self.

With the blowing breezes, you have reached the tight rope. As long as you are confident and brave, you can have a dance on the tight rope.

As long as keeping your eyesight at the horizontal level, you could overcome it unconsciously with a thinking that there is always love everywhere.

As far as your eyes could reach, the scenery here is the best.

Only the Fei Lada that you overcome by yourself is the perpetual Fei Lada.

Without any rehearsal, every step on the cliffs is a live broadcast. It is so beautiful that people are brought to tears. All encounters in this lifetime are the reunions of the previous existence.

As long as you trust on the equipment, you can drink water handsomely like this.

You can relax yourself and wait for the winds.

You can be your most beautiful self at the best of time.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve never seen the Snow White, nor the Little Red Riding Hood, as long as you have seen the legend of Fei Lada.  

Show your smiles in the mountains, so dreamlike and so romantic.

Under the guide of the professional leader, the tight rope is not as terrible as you might imagined! The hard work is where the success lies.

Everyone can experience it.

Rambling along the cliffs, the strong men could be tender.

The tender girls could be strong.

Walking in the clouds or bypassing the cliffs, it depends on your inner voice.

The time makes people feel at ease and enjoy nature when they are climbing.

Through the twists and turns of life and the years of changes, there  always a view or an encounter, would beautify your whole past life.

What a fashionable picture is! It really makes people happy.

The blue sky and the clouds at your fingertips, make up a poetic scene that makes people can‘t help having an intimate contact ...

Everything is just perfect along the way. No matter how fast or slow, it is just wonderful.

You can change the most dull days into the poetic scenery.

It's memorable and worthy of experiencing the Fei Lada once.

Tips: Before climbing the Fei Lada, you'd better assess your physical fitness, make a full rest and prepare on-the-way supplies, so that you will not leave any regrets when you go down the mountain.

After finishing the Fei lada, don't leave immediately. Longxi also has the abundant tourism resources. The Xiansheng Gate, 2 kilometers from Fei Lada, is waiting for you.

Xiansheng Gate, which is a combination of the mystery, odd, quietness, wildness, and beauty, is one of the ten most important scenic spots in the Yandang Mountain Scenic Area. It made its name as “The No.1 Gate of China ” with tourists coming here in an endless stream all year round. Xiansheng Gate is a "Stone Gate" formed by two cliffs stand facing each other. It is also called "Gate of Celestial Beings." Each door is as high as 200 meters and two doors are separated by only 10 meters.


There is a shooting base of TV Serial "The Legend of Condor Heroes" in the scenic spot. The romantic love story of Yang Guo and his wife, Xiao Longnv seems to be in sight.

Traffic line:

1. Self-driving Route: Yongtaiwen Highway - Yandang Mountain Highway Exit - 104 National Highway - Longxi County Government

2. Railway: Travel from the Wenzhou South Station and alight at the Yandang Railway Station. Go to Dajinxin station by bus firstly, then get to the Old station by tricycle. Then, take a midibus to Zhuangwu Village. At last, you can get to the Longxi County Government by bus.

3. Navigation machine: Look for “雁荡山飞拉达” in the Baidu Map and amap.

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