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Going to Yandang Mountain, Experiencing the Fei Lada(An Extreme Sport That You Want)
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Yandang Mountain, known as "the famous mountain on the sea, and the amazing miracle over the world", is famous for its beautiful landscapes. It is called as "the No.1 mountain in the southeast of China".

2. Railway: Travel from the Wenzhou South Station and alight at the Yandang Railway Station. Go to Dajinxin station by bus firstly, then get to the Old station by tricycle. Then, take a midibus to Zhuangwu Village. At last, you can get to the Longxi County Government by bus.

3. Navigation machine: Look for “雁荡山飞拉达” in the Baidu Map and amap.

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Translated by Eric Ye  Proofread by Estelle Wang