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The "Asian Games" street interview is coming
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As the 19th Asian Games draws near, the Asian Games vibe in Wenzhou is getting stronger. The special activity “Let's Learn English Together for Hangzhou Asian Games", hosted by Publicity Department of CPC Lucheng District Committee and organized by Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, has been launched recently. Lucheng District Converged Media Center, in collaboration with the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, shoot this English quiz video. The 2anchors, Pan Yingru and Halil (an international student from Wenzhou University), are paired up to talk about the Asian Games in a fun style.


In the video, the 2 anchors took to the streets with questions about the Asian Games, asking for passers-by questions and collecting their answers. People from different ages gave various answers in a relaxed and interactive manner


One of the questions in the English quiz is, "What would be the first word conjured up when we mention the Asian Games?" "Sport" "Together" "Enjoy" are the words that come to the citizens' minds most frequently.


In the next phase, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center will organize professional teams to visit Asian Games venues, communities and cultural halls and launch an Asian Games English-related training activities for Asian Games volunteers and citizens. So stay tuned!