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Here,you will fall in love with "beautiful countryside" in Wenzhou
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Introductory remarks: In order to promote the international business card of "Millennium Commercial Port, Happy Wenzhou", show the charm of Wenzhou in the new era, and present a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China to the entire world. This year, Wenzhou Cyberspace Administration creates an Internet communication brand "With You, Wenzhou Will Be Better", inviting members of the "Hai’ou Community" to check out this millennium commercial port,understand the friendly city, and tell Wenzhou stories to the world.

On November 3rd, Sandra, Akmal, Hamad and Felicia came to She Ethnic Minority Townin Wencheng County, Wenzhou, enjoying its picturesque scenery, tasting the folk customs of She Ethnic Minority, and appreciating beautiful countrysides.


During the event, the members of "Hai’ou Community" took the Moss Cultural Museum as first stop. Here, they were fascinated by the potted moss planting works. Then, they started making their own potted moss plants. "I like to build a small world with soil and plants. Itruly feel the charm of beautiful countryside with my hands!" Exclaimed Sandra.


Visitors tasted delicious Bowen Biscuits at the homestay in Rangchuan village,and left prayer ribbons that symbolize beautiful wishes on the ancient camphor tree.


With enthusiastic She people, "Hai’ou Community" members admired local music, experienced bamboo pole dance, and learned the ribbon production.After trying She people’s costume, Felicia from Indonesia said: "It’s beautiful and delicate. I can feel the strong enthusiasm that She people place to their life."


Hamad from Pakistan said that he was glad to visit She Ethnic Minority Town in Wencheng County. The fresh air and beautiful environment here made him feel comfortable. He will explore more villages in Wenzhou and enjoy their green waters and lush mountains.