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"Cool Wenzhou!" Season 2 ④丨American doctoral scholar Kimberly’s ideal life in Wenzhou
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How long does it take for you to fall in love with a city? It only took Kimberly a week to decide to work in Wenzhou. Today, 9 years later, Wenzhou has become her second hometown. In this episode, we will tell you about the indissoluble bound between Kimberly and Wenzhou.


Kimberly said that she has chosen a career she loves in Wenzhou. Now she is an associate professor at Wenzhou University where she enjoys spending time with teachers and students. In her spare time, her biggest hobby is to take tours to various places, including many beautiful places in Wenzhou where amazing historical sites, friendly people, delicious food and stunning scenery are waiting for her. Meanwhile, Kimberly enjoys every moment with her family in Wenzhou. “This is my ideal life!” She said.


Next, we will release the "Cool Wenzhou!" video series one after another. Please stay tuned.