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Xinhua News Agency & WenzhouDaily focus camera on foreign volunteers
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On the morning of May 17, Xinhua News Agency officially started shooting a documentary in Wenzhou together with the film crew of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, focusing the camera lens on Wenzhou’s international volunteers Kimberly, Ella, Craig and Johnny, who were carrying out public welfare activities in downtown Wenzhou.


This documentary series have 10 episodes in total. Its 5th episode, which takes "Nostalgia across the Ocean" as the theme, is divided into 3 parts, mainly telling the stories of Wenzhou people doing business and making innovations. After completed, the documentary will be broadcast via Xinhua News Agency's platform China Xinhua News Network (CNC) to more than 200 countries and regions both in English and Chinese. At the same time, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center’s bilingual media cluster "Overseas Release" will have a synchronized broadcast.


At 8 o'clock, Kimberly, Ella, Craig, Johnny from the United States, as well as Huang Lu and Zhang Chao from the School of Foreign Languages of Wenzhou University, walked into the Charity Complex on Liyangxin Road at Lucheng District, participating in charity activities with other volunteers, distributing lard cakes, rice dumplings, duck eggs, fried egg noodles, and eight-treasure porridge to street cleaners. The film crew recorded this heartwarming moment with camera. At 10 o'clock, Kimberly and other foreign volunteers did translation error-correction on the signboards in blocks.


It is reported that the documentary film crew will continue to walk into other counties (cities and districts) in Wenzhou one after another to record more exciting and moving stories.