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"Cool Wenzhou!" Season 2 |Italian engineer Martino: Wenzhou! My second hometown
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Italian engineer Martino Burlamacchi has lived in Wenzhou for more than ten years, and he has witnessed the rapid development of Wenzhou. In this episode, let's take a look at his life in Wenzhou.


Martino came to China for the first time in December 2004 to start a new business journey. He thought he would see a bicycle kingdom at that time, but in fact, he was amazed by the development of China. He accidentally got an opportunity to come to Wenzhou for a business trip. He found that Wenzhou people are hard-working, friendly and good at business, so he decided to remove his family to Wenzhou, which turned out to a turning point in his life. Living in Wenzhou for more than ten years, it has become Martino's second hometown. He has witnessed the development of Wenzhou's economy and the continuous upgradation and improvement of Wenzhou’s infrastructure. Martino is so impressed that Wenzhou people could follow the pace of the nation's development, take the initiative to chase commercial goals,and finally achieve results.


Next, we will continue to release the "Cool Wenzhou!" video series one after another. This series of multilingual videos is sponsored by Wenzhou People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, produced and released by Wenzhou Overseas Media Center. Please stay tuned.