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LOGO of Wenzhou International Volunteer Team released! Join us
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On the afternoon of May 7th, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center officially released the LOGO of Wenzhou International Volunteer Team and the styles of flag, vest and badge. At the launching ceremony, 11 international friends from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries were invited to join the "Wenzhou International Volunteer Team".

This LOGO of Wenzhou International Volunteer Team is designed with the combination of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center’s cultural trademark "ILOVE WZ" and the youth volunteer LOGO.

The Logo of Wenzhou International Volunteer Team


The flag of Wenzhou International Volunteer Team

According to the staff of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, a series of cultural products as flag, vest and badge were designed around this LOGO. Next, they will design more cultural and creative items, such as T-shirt, hat, etc. All of them will be given free of charge.

International volunteer's vest


International volunteer's water canteen

International volunteer's badge

Kimberly, an international volunteer from the United States, said she has lived and worked in Wenzhou for 10 years. She likes to be a volunteer very much. In the past 10 years, she has donated English books to the primary school, provided volunteer services to the street-cleaners, the elderly and other groups in the community. "I like to call Wenzhou home, In the future, I will work with more international volunteers to make Wenzhou better." Fahmi, a videographer from Tanzania, said that the volunteer vest and badge brought him senses of honor and responsibility as an international volunteer.

In the next stage, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center will continue to launch cultural exchanges, public welfare activities and volunteer services activities. If you want to be an international volunteer, please contact us by calling our Foreigner’s Service Hotline (4008678110) or leaving message on the backstage of WeChat official account “WenzhouDaily”.