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The excellent bilingual short videos of "I Love Wenzhou" Season 2 officially released online
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The excellent bilingual short videos of "I Love Wenzhou" Season 2 officially released online

The release ceremony of excellent works of "I Love Wenzhou" Season 2bilingual short video competition, which was guided by the Information Office of Wenzhou Municipal Government and produced by WenzhouDaily, was held on Nov. 26.

Foreign friends are invited to serve as anchors

The collection of "I Love Wenzhou" Season 2 bilingual short video started in Aug 2021, and a total of hundreds of multilingual videos have been collected so far. Starting today, about 20 selected excellent works will be released online through various Chinese and English bilingual media platforms at home and abroad, such as the English websites “Beautiful Wenzhou”, Wechat official account “Wenzhou Release”. According to the person in charge of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, compared with the "I Love Wenzhou" Season 1, the produced videos of Season 2  will be broadcast in English, Korean, Japanese, French and other languages. In addition to the foreign friends living in Wenzhou, foreigners from Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places are also invited to participate and serve as our anchors. In these videos, we can not only see a different Wenzhou from the perspective of foreigners, but also the life stories of foreigners who are living Wenzhou and Zhejiang. These videos will be broadcast to the whole world through domestic and overseas media, social media platforms, and websites.

Japanese anchor Yuki Sato is giving a speech

Ukrainian anchor Iurii is giving a speech

It's reported that in the "I Love Wenzhou" Season 1, more than 80 foreign friends in Wenzhou were invited to check out Wenzhou’s city landmarks, experience Wenzhou intangible cultural heritage, tour Wenzhou’s picturesque landscapes and taste delicious Wenzhou food. The total pageviews of the "I Love Wenzhou" Season 1 videos exceeded 90 million.

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