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African friends check out the "China-Gabon Friendship Hall"
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African friends check out the "China-Gabon Friendship Hall"

Playing African drums, taking traditional African dances, watching African-style exhibits... Recently, 10 foreigners from Africa visited the China-Gabon Friendship Hall, an "Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base" in Shanfu Town, Lucheng District, Wenzhou, having a splendid China-Africa cultural exchange  together with local Shanfu residents.

The China-Gabon Friendship Hall is located in Yitou Yiyang Village, Shanfu Town, next to the Jean Ping's ancestral residence. Jean Ping, born in Gabon in 1942, is the son of Cheng Zhiping, an overseas Chinese of Wenzhou descent. Jean Ping’s mother is the daughter of a Gabonese tribal chief. He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gabon, the President of the 59th UN General Assembly and the president of the African Union Commission.




The foreigners who came to the China-Gabon Friendship Hall to participate in the cultural exchange held that day were from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, etc. In the Friendship Hall, with great interest, they learned about the life journey of Jean Ping’s father Cheng Zhiping who travelled to Europe and Africa, and finally settled down in Gabon, as well as the records of Jean Ping’s diplomatic career in Gabon and Africa, and the historical scene of Jean Ping returning to Wenzhou and visiting his Chinese relatives. In this exhibition hall characterized with strong African cultural elements, they not only play African drums and dance traditional African dances, but also take photos and short videos with their mobile phones. ELLY, an international volunteer from WenzhouDaily, said that he is from Tanzania, and is now a student studying civil engineering at Wenzhou University. He loves Wenzhou very much. A few days before the event, he learned that there was a Sino-African cultural exchange held here, he signed up with his companions immediately. In the China-Gabon Friendship Hall, they witnessed the profound friendship between China and Africa. He is so moved to have the opportunity to participate in such interesting cultural exchange. In the future, he and his colleagues will come here again to enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside.