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Foreign anchor Jeniffer celebrates Chinese Laba Festival
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Foreign anchor Jeniffer celebrates Chinese Laba Festival

January 10 is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, which is Chinese traditional "Laba Festival". Chinese people take Laba Festival as the prelude of Spring Festival. In this video, Jeniffer, our "Hai’ou Community" anchor from Angola, leads you into learning about the customs of Laba Festival and experiencing to cook the Laba porridge.


In the early morning, following the film crew, Jeniffer came to the Hongriting, which is a charity landmark in Lucheng District, Wenzhou. Sun Lanxiang, the person in charge of Hongriting, gave an introduction of Laba Festival to Jeniffer, then invited her to cook the Laba porridge and serve the porridge to passers-by. Jeniffer said,“After this experience, I love Wenzhou more. It is a city of love.” 

Jeniffer, a student at Wenzhou University, has lived in Wenzhou for 5 years. She said that she could feel the friendliness and care from her Wenzhou friends all the time. In 2019, she produced and recorded the MV "I Love Wenzhou" together with her own music team.


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Laba Festival is the first festival of the twelfth lunar month. The history of drinking Laba porridge in China has been more than a thousand years. Laba porridge is emblematic of continuous love and warmth. This porridge has eight kinds of ingredients, including lily bulb, longan, chestnut, walnut, glutinous rice, red bean, sweet jujube and peanut. These rich ingredients embody people's yearning for a better life in the new year.