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Let's follow Alexandra to check out this ancient town in Cangnan
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Let's follow Alexandra to check out this ancient town in Cangnan

Pucheng Town in Cangnan County is a national key cultural relics protection unit with a history of more than 630 years.


With hundreds of years of history and profound cultural deposits, Pucheng preserves the original architectural layout, maintains a simple folk customs, and has a distinctive local dialect different from the surrounding areas. What’s more, it has developed many characteristic Cangnan nursery rhymes.


The video "One Star, One Town", which is produced by the Publicity Department of the CPC Cangnan County Committee (Cangnan County Cyberspace Administration) and filmed by the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, is one of many nursery rhymes that have been circulating among the local population for generations. Using summer nights, starry sky, and people enjoying the cool as the narrative background, it anthropomorphizes the common poultry or animals that are often seen by kids such as chickens, ducks, monkeys and others. In the nursery rhyme, they cooperate together and work harmoniously in an orderly manner to complete a wedding scene. This nursery rhyme has an integral storyline and vivid characters.


Alexandra, a foreign anchor from Russia, inspects the human history and folk customs of Pucheng Town while shooting this video. She praises that this town is under good protection.