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A bite of “Lucheng, Wenzhou”
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A bite of “Lucheng, Wenzhou”

"Though I have not been to those countries, I can learn about their cultures and customs from these foods. Especially in Turkish restaurant, I tasted the food similar to my hometown." Recently, Akmal, a foreign anchor of the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, shared his feelings after checking out the Turkish and Spanish restaurants in Wenzhou.


Akmal, who has lived in China 3 years, can speak fluent Chinese now. Feng Renxi, the person in charge of Wenzhou Binhai Hotel, is the vice president of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Youth Association. In this video, they checked out the international restaurants in Wenzhou, exchanging and sharing food cultures  with each other.


It is understood that in recent years, linked by the "overseas Chinese", foods from different countries have continuously flocked to Wenzhou. And people in Wenzhou can enjoy the benefits of the dietary diversification in their daily life. "Different food cultures collide in Wenzhou, and various diet customs are blended here. The overseas Chinese in Wenzhou bring foods from different countries to Wenzhou, which not only helps to promote the internationalization level of this city, but actually also carries out a unique cultural exchanges. As the second generation of overseas Chinese, I hope that I can do more for Wenzhou." Feng Renxi said.