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U.S. photographer Jonny enjoys Wenzhou’s wonton
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U.S. photographer Jonny enjoys Wenzhou’s wonton

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 U.S. photographer Jonny enjoys Wenzhous wonton


"I found it! Thats the place offering the wonton I most like to eat!" Jonny pointed to the Changren Wonton Shop and said excitedly.

Recently, Jonny, a photographer from the United States, checked out the Wenzhou Changren Wonton Shop, feeling the unique charm of traditional cuisine. In the shop, Jonny also learned how to make wontons from the master. Though it was the first time he tried to make wontons, he learned very well. "Wrapping wonton is much more difficult than it seems to be. If you want to wrap it well, you have to work harder." Jonny said to the camera holding the wonton wrapped by himself.

It is understood that the production of wonton lays emphasize on the combination of quality, flavor, outer shape and color by selecting high-quality fillings and auxiliary materials. Wonton is famous for its bright color, fresh taste, and clear soup. Wenzhou people are never tired of eating this food. Changren wonton has a history of nearly a hundred years and is one of the traditional delicacies well-known to every Wenzhou household.

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