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I Guess You Certainly Have Never Seen Wenzhou as Such A Beauty
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Wenzhou-- called as Ouyue, Eastern Ou, and Yongjia in the ancient time, was renamed as Wenzhou in Tang Dynasty(618—907A.D.) and has more than 2,000 years of history.

Ouyue Land in Awakening 
The mountains in Ouyue land, are lungs of Wenzhou. Daluo Mountain, is known as the "green lung" of Wenzhou city. The meteorological radar station in Wenzhou stands quietly on the top of the 700-meter-high Daluo Mountain, overlooking the endless East China Sea. The mountain is like a giant, silently guarding this piece of land below its feet. 
The water in the Ouyue land is as quiet as well-educated girl, or as vibrant as a running rabbit. Some of them are trickling streams, or some of them are roaring waves.  

The Mysterious Backyard Garden 
Daluo Mountain--The backyard garden of Wenzhou city, has groups of streams. Lingering in the mountain and wildness, breathing the fresh air and  hearing the murmur of the little brooks in the rainy reason, you would feel as if you have walked into the Shangri-la. 
Abandoning Yourself into Nanxi with Its Misty & Cloud, Obsessed on Landscapes without Thinking Anything 
Nanxi River-- The birthplace of Chinese landscape poetry. The poet, Xie Lingyun, set his feet on the Nanxi River and transformed his infinite literary talents into a poetic popular landscape poetry, which made him become the originator of the Chinese landscape school. 
With its misty drizzles and crystally clear water, the Nanxi river in the pulm rain season reveals a bit of enchanting in tranquility and elegance . It feels like you are visiting a fairyland. 

A Pool of Autumn Water Matched with Half Shadow Wave 
Yandang Mountain- Xiji Scenic Spot shows its charm in autumn with gurgling streams and a pool of autumn water is  as dark green as the juice. If transformed yourself into a temporary painter, you could “dip” the inks and spray your talent immediately. 

Countless Tributaries falling into The Blue Pool 
In winter, the streams are flowing across the Jinkeng Valley Scenic Spot in Zeya town. A clear stream is divided as countless tributaries and falling into the pool.