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I Guess You Certainly Have Never Seen Wenzhou as Such A Beauty
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Wenzhou-- called as Ouyue, Eastern Ou, and Yongjia in the ancient time, was renamed as Wenzhou in Tang Dynasty(618—907A.D.) and has more than 2,000 years of history.
Wenzhou is not only famous for its all kinds of factories, but also with its beautiful landscapes and profound cultural heritages. If you are willing to get close to her and communicate with her, you will sense Wenzhou’s verve of "heading the Ouyue Land, Shouldering Mountain & Sea". Also you can feel its beauty of "Sprouting Grosses Growing in Pools, Dancing Willows Crowing in Gardens". 
Wenzhou-- called as Ouyue, Eastern Ou, and Yongjia in the ancient time, was renamed as Wenzhou in Tang Dynasty(618—907A.D.) and has more than 2,000 years of history. 
The Ouyue land is just like a scroll of Chinese ink landscape painting. She is shifted and switched freely between thickness and lightness. Every mountain, river and detail is worth your stop, examination and taste. 
The surrounding areas of Ouyue land are wet and sticky from March to June. It seems that you would squeeze a or two bowls of water if you had grabbed the air, then twisted hard. All things on the Ouyue land are moisturized and revitalized in an environment where the air humidity is often above 90%, even up to 100%. As long as you climb up to hills or mountains to look far into the distance at this time, a painting scroll of the misty and rainy south of the Yangtze River will be rolling out in front of your eyes, which makes you can't help but hold up the camera to take pictures.
The Wenzhou Bridge Mirrored on The Water under The Morning Beams 
Wenzhou Bridge with a total length of 17.1 km is an old name card of Ouyue land. It was built up and opened to traffic in 1998, which is the longest road bridge in the country. 

Heading to The Concrete "Jungle"
The "Dragon" Rising out of Water and Flying toward North
  Ouyue Bridge-- An new name card of  two sides of Oujiang river, was opened to traffic on Jan 1st 2015 with a total length of 8.1 km. A bridge spans across the north and south changing the natural moat into thoroughfare. Since then, this city has opened its arms and embraced all guests from the north. 
 Looking north from downtown, the Ouyue bridge is like a dragon swimming over the immense Oujiang river and wriggling its way to the mountains.
A Bridge Spanning across East & West, Three Rivers Integrated into One 
Oubei Bridge, located on Sanjiangkou area where the water of Nanxi River flows into Oujaing River, was opened to traffic in 2015. It put an end to the history of the Auto Ferries which had been running on the Oujiang River for several decades, and brought Yongjia and Oubei into the arm of the central city circle of Wenzhou. 
The mountains are entrenched on the Ouyue land. Some of them have grown lushly and stretched to the horizon. And some of them have stood lonely and been isolated out from the crowds. 
Looked Like A Brocade Falling down into The Secular World 

Thousands Rays of Light Shining on the Ouyue Land 
Jinji Mountain, with an altitude of 1,350 meters, is the highest peak in the vicinity of Wenzhou City and located at the junction of Ruian City, Wenzhou, and Qingtian, Lishui. Climbing up to the top of hills and looking at the east, the mountains stretch over further to the East China Sea. Wenzhou city is located just below the mountains in the direction of the east. 
The Highest Pillar in Southern Zhejiang --Shiguiyan Rock 
Shiguiyan Rock, called as "the highest pillar in Southern Zhejiang" with its height of 306 meters, is completely isolated. In the tectonic setting of the development of geological fractures and the uplift of the earth's crust, the rhyolite volcanic rocks had been eroded by flowing water for a long time, from which this isolated peak had been shaped. 

Stars Twinkling on The Top of Nanzheng 
There are also mountains in Ouyue land with unique features that do not meet the characteristics of the south of Yangtze River.
  Nanzhengjian Mountain with its altitude of 1,246 meters is the third peak in Yongjia County, Wenzhou. It is located at the junction of Yongjia and Huangyan of Taizhou. There are jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, pervasive gravels, groups of mud lumps on the top of the mountain. It’s known as the "Little Tibet of Wenzhou".

Ouyue Land in Awakening 
The mountains in Ouyue land, are lungs of Wenzhou. Daluo Mountain, is known as the "green lung" of Wenzhou city. The meteorological radar station in Wenzhou stands quietly on the top of the 700-meter-high Daluo Mountain, overlooking the endless East China Sea. The mountain is like a giant, silently guarding this piece of land below its feet. 
The water in the Ouyue land is as quiet as well-educated girl, or as vibrant as a running rabbit. Some of them are trickling streams, or some of them are roaring waves.  

The Mysterious Backyard Garden 
Daluo Mountain--The backyard garden of Wenzhou city, has groups of streams. Lingering in the mountain and wildness, breathing the fresh air and  hearing the murmur of the little brooks in the rainy reason, you would feel as if you have walked into the Shangri-la. 
Abandoning Yourself into Nanxi with Its Misty & Cloud, Obsessed on Landscapes without Thinking Anything 
Nanxi River-- The birthplace of Chinese landscape poetry. The poet, Xie Lingyun, set his feet on the Nanxi River and transformed his infinite literary talents into a poetic popular landscape poetry, which made him become the originator of the Chinese landscape school. 
With its misty drizzles and crystally clear water, the Nanxi river in the pulm rain season reveals a bit of enchanting in tranquility and elegance . It feels like you are visiting a fairyland. 

A Pool of Autumn Water Matched with Half Shadow Wave 
Yandang Mountain- Xiji Scenic Spot shows its charm in autumn with gurgling streams and a pool of autumn water is  as dark green as the juice. If transformed yourself into a temporary painter, you could “dip” the inks and spray your talent immediately. 

Countless Tributaries falling into The Blue Pool 
In winter, the streams are flowing across the Jinkeng Valley Scenic Spot in Zeya town. A clear stream is divided as countless tributaries and falling into the pool.

The Return after fishing
In summer, the Yongjia Shigui Rock Scenic Spot has an eye-catching sight of surging water currents as fierce as thousands of firing-arrows . Ouyue land is adjacent to the East China Sea. And its subordinate Dongtou District is known as the "The 100 Islands County." How could you not visit the sea if you came to Wenzhou?
Running as Thousands of Firing Arrows 

The Dongtou's "Integration of Five Islands" project makes Dongtou once separated by sea no longer an isolated island, but a popular tourist island. The air is fresh on the island, where is a great place for watching the sunrise and sunset. Furthermore,it's also a great place for foodies to eat and drink with abundant seafood here. 

Countless Gullies 
The tide always rises and falls just as flowers always bloom and fall every year. Sitting by the sea and watching tides rise and fall, we regret the impermanence of life. When enjoying the beauty of sunset, we recall the memories of past time.

Thousands of Troops
There are a lot of breakwaters on the island. They are like thousands of troops resisting waves of offensive from seawater and protecting the lives of the people on the island.

The Distant Place 

It seems that Ouyue land is nowadays moving toward one and another great goals under the guidance of the distant "beacon" . 

The Night of White Deer City 

If you were to vist the Ouyue land and look for Yongjia's landscapes, you absolutely would not be disappointed as long as you search and feel it carefully.
Enjoying the pastoral landscapes in Yongjia
Feeling the beautiful emotions of Ouyue
How can't you be indulged in it?
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