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A foreign girl wears Hanfu, showing the beauty of Song Dynasty
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As we all know, Chinese Hanfu has a unique and elegant charm, fully embodying the gentleness and coziness of the Han nationality. However, have you ever imagined how beautiful it will be if foreign girls put on our Hanfu? Now, let’s enjoy the surprise brought to us by Kristina, the anchor of Wenzhou Overseas Media Center (member of "Hai’ou Community") !

Kristina likes Chinese culture very much. Last year, she had experienced Chinese traditional Kun Opera in an immersive way. The melodious singing, flying sleeves,the unique charm of this art form amazed her deeply. This time, the Chinese costume drama has aroused her enthusiasm for challenging herself once again. When Kristina put on Hanfu and strolled in the park, the oriental charm she was exuding instantaneously surprised all the visitors and passers-by. With a mooned-shaped fan and a paper umbrella in her hands, it seemed that she has taken us to travel through thousands of years back to the Ancient Chinese Dynasties. Kristina was truly captivated by Chinese Hanfu. After exploring the Hanfu culture that combines classism and fashion, Kristina hoped she could have the opportunity to experience more traditional Chinese costumes.