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A “Dragon Boat Festival” cultural exchange held at an international vessel in Wenzhou
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On the afternoon of June 4, a “Dragon Boat Festival” cultural exchange aiming to spread Chinese culture was held on an international vessel at the port terminal of Yueqing Bay in Wenzhou.

This cultural event was jointly held by Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, Border Inspection Station of  Wenzhou Entry-Exit Administration, and Wenzhou Municipal Committee of China Zhi Gong Party. Alison, an Wenzhou Overseas Communication Officer from Latin America, was invited to participate in this event.


In order to better enjoy this traditional festival, the police of Border Inspection Station, together with international friends, hung up scented sachets, Chinese knots, and red lanterns in the cabin of the vessel, making it a place for cultural exchange. Alison vividly explained the origin and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival to foreign crew members such as eating Zongzi, wrapping scented sachets and hanging mugwort. She and the police invited the foreign crew to experience wrapping Zongzi.

Crew members spoke highly of this cultural exchange. One of them said, ‘I have always loved Chinese culture. This is the first time that I have a close touch with Chinese traditional festivals. And wrapping Zongzi is very interesting, I’m very honored to be able to participate in it.’

At the end of the event, the crew received special gifts - exquisite dragon boat ornaments. They said that  with this wonderful memory and blessing, they will bring the excellent traditional Chinese culture to all over the world.

In the next stage, Wenzhou Overseas Media Center and Border Inspection Station of  Wenzhou Entry-Exit Administration will continue to spread Chinese culture to the entire world.