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Overseas Chinese Youthtalk③| Zhang Ci: Intercultural education benefits me a lot
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Editor's Note:

Here are the overseas Chinese youths’ great patriotic enthusiasm, here are the personal entrepreneurial experiences of outstanding ‘overseas returnees’, and here you can listen to the most sincere inner voice of the second generation of overseas Chinese. ...... From today, ‘Overseas Chinese Youthtalk’, a new bilingual video program which is produced by Lucheng District Returned Overseas Chinese Federation and Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, is officially released through the domestic and overseas media one after another. This video program selects the representative young overseas Chinese to tell their different life stories in the form of character interviews. At the same time, it is also hoped that these excellent young overseas Chinese could make friends through this program, further stimulating their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship!


Character Profile: 

Zhang Ci, a lecturer from the School of Foreign Studies of Wenzhou University as well as the vice headmaster of Wenzhou No.2 Foreign Language School and a member of the CPPCC Lucheng District Committee, completed a master's degree in English Teaching and Methods, then went to South Korea and studied for a doctor's degree in English Pedagogy. During her studies, she never forgot what her father said, ‘We should be grateful for the grace we received, and must feedback our hometown’. So she decided to return to her hometown to engage in education after graduation. ‘Overseas Chinese young people have the most resources and opportunity to go out to explore the world. I sincerely hope that our overseas Chinese young people could contribute their power to the construction of our hometown.’ This is what Zhang Ci most want to say to the new generation of overseas Chinese youth.