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Wenzhou Intangible Culture: Yueqing Jewellery Dragon
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Yueqing Jewellery Dragon is a kind of lantern in the shape of a dragon boat, which originated more than 400 years ago at the end of the Ming Dynasty. The jewellery dragon is equipped with electric lamps, carved wooden figures and all kinds of decorations. It looks very gorgeous. In this video, Lamia, a foreign anchor from Morocco, takes us to visit Yueqing and to see this unforgettable intangible cultural heritage - Jewellery Dragon.


Lamia learned about the origins of the Jewellery Dragon through the introduction of Mr. Lin Shunkui, the fifth-generation inheritor of Yueqing Jewellery Dragon. At every Lantern Festival in Yueqing, the jewellery dragon is always at the front of the parade and is decorated with a lot of silk figures and small props, which are very delicate and gorgeous.


At the Lantern Festival parade, villagers carry out the jewellery dragons and display them along the streets and alleys, praying for good luck and good weather in the coming year. Finally, after the parade is completed, the jewellery dragons are burned in a Buddhist temple. This action means that people send the dragon to go back to heaven with a feeling of gratitude.