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A Fashionable and Charming Village in Wencheng, Wenzhou 
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Introducing in the urban fashion and bringing out the rural landscape. What kind of charm will be generated as the innovative industry collides with the rustic village ? ...... In recent years, Wencheng County actively promotes the rural revitalization and new businesses emerge continuously. A picture of thriving industries is slowing rolling out in front of our eyes. In this video, let's take a tour with Simon, a member of “Hai’Ou Community”, and his wife Hu Jing to see the new style of countryside in Wencheng! 

Yunshang Restaurant and Rimrock Café, which are new Internet-famous spots in Zhoushan Town, Wencheng County, are loved by many young people. And "Daoyu Cottage" is a cosy B&B Hotel built in a farmland as well as a live-steaming base for selling agricultural products. "We invite local villagers to pick fruits, and then we promote them through live-streaming marketing." Said Xu Lin, the manager of "Daoyu Cottage". Xu Lin, who returned to his hometown and started his own business here, introduced fashionable new industries into his hometown, creating the new development opportunities in the collision between the new and the old. 

Zhejiang Xianran Agricultural and Forestry Technology Co. is engaged in a new industry that sells landscapes of Wencheng County. Manager Wang Nawei introduced to Simon: "We teach the production steps to the villagers and they help us to complete the products. Then we bring finished-products to the live-streaming room and sell them out. Wenzhou’s picturesque scenery deserves to be seen by more people. Bringing it out is a great choice." 

Wencheng is a mountainous county in Wenzhou with beautiful landscapes. In recent years, there are many new businesses emerging in Zhoushan Town, Wencheng County. These new industries not only enrich the life of local people, but also bring new impetus to the economic prosperity of Wencheng.