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How to prevent the pandemic during the Spring Festival?
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How to prevent the pandemic during the Spring Festival?

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to ensure that Wenzhou people can have a safe festival, Wenzhou Municipality adheres to the principle of safe and orderly personnel movement for effectively prevent and control the virus transmission, advocating that people working, doing business, and living outside of Wenzhou should stay put during the festival. Meanwhile, people in Wenzhou don’t go out of Wenzhou unless necessary.


What precautions should people pay attention to during the Spring Festival? Please have the advice from Huang Deng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Wenzhou People's Hospital.

Reduce going out and stay put during the Spring Festival

Huang Deng says that during the Spring Festival, the relevant departments advocate that everyone should  reduce going out and stay put during the Spring Festival. This decision is made according to the results of the risk assessment of pandemic transmission. The temperature is low in Spring Festival, and the whole environment is in a state of "cold chain", which is very suitable for the survival of the virus, and the transmission risk is high. In addition, in order to keep warm, people are used to closing doors and windows,which increases the risk of virus transmission.

Huang Deng reminds that the flow of people and goods in the Spring Festival will rise sharply, the gatherings of relatives and friends increase as well, which lead to a higher risk of virus import and transmission. So we should reduce going out. It is particularly important to remind that people from high-risk domestic areas should suspend their return to Wenzhou.

Can we visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival? Huang Deng says if the children are still young, try to avoid visiting relatives and friends, because children have a relatively weak resistance to the virus. If you have to make a visit, you must wear a mask, and keep the windows open to ventilate. If your family has a cold or fever, you must keep the room ventilated while keeping warm.