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Dananli Cultural & Creative Block in Downtown Opened Getting Literary & Artistic Styles Here
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Targeted at middle-end and high-end business people and young fashion groups as the main consumers, Dananli Block brings in various types of operations such as bookstores and cafes, artistic aesthetics, leisure and entertainment, branded food and beverages, and fashion shopping. It builds up a cultural & creative street in the form of the single flagships.

ZY Home Living House

Walking into the ZY living house, you can experience a beautiful day. From the kitchen, living room to the bedroom... There are currently more than 200 products which are fitted with diversified healthy lifestyle,available here with high qualities and low prices. 

After the opening of the Dananli block, it will regularly hold artistic and cultural activities such as fairs, painting exhibitions, art exhibitions, comics exhibitions, and intangible heritage appreciating meetings and will bring in the artistic, cultural and creative resources of Shanghai, Taiwan and other places to further enhance the taste and the level of Dananli cultural & creative block. 


Is this cultural and creative block worth a visit? If got free, you might as well take a visit here

Translated by Eric Ye   Proofread by Estelle Wang
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