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Overseas publicity activity ""I Celebrate the New Year in China" event invites you to join us
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Overseas publicity activity ""I Celebrate the New Year in China" event invites you to join us

How many years have you been living in Wenzhou? In what way will you choose to celebrate the New Year in Wenzhou? What sorts of vivid stories will you have during the Chinese New Year? In order to better show the excellent Chinese traditional culture to the whole world, on January 21st, the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center launched the special overseas publicity activity "Handshake with the World, Our Festival - I Celebrate the New Year in China", inviting international friends and foreign anchors of "Hai’ou Community" to use video, pictures or text to record the stories happened around them during the Spring Festival. From now to February 10, they can send their works to the email address: After selection, we will promote the excellent works to the whole world through more than 20 media platforms such as "Overseas Release", "In Zhejiang", "WenzhouDaily", "Beautiful Wenzhou" English website, and overseas social account "Seagull eye". The contributor will be rewarded.

At the launching ceremony of the "I Celebrate the New Year in China" activity, international friends from more than 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, and Japan, tasted the famous Wenzhou snacks such as fish balls and jelly, listened to Zhu Ming, a Wenzhou folklore expert, to talk about the custom of celebrating the Chinese New Year. The foreign anchors  Alex (UK), Sandra (Russia), and Jos (Netherlands) brought the exotic special snacks cooked by them and shared these snacks with other participants.

Jos from the Netherlands invites everyone to try desserts made by him

International friends shares snack with others on the spot

During the activity, international friends were greatly interested in experiencing Chinese traditional cultures. They followed the expert to write the character "Fu" and Spring Festival couplets, weave Chinese knots, do the paper-cuts, etc., They brought back the works made by themselves.

International friends follow the expert to write the character "Fu"

Folklore expert Zhu Ming talkes about the customs of celebrating Chinese New Year in Wenzhou

Wenzhou Overseas Media Center launches activities on every traditional festival. In last Spring Festival, a special activity themed with "Top Ten Voices of Foreign Anchors in Wenzhou" was carried out, and 10 multilingual videos were continuously broadcast.

Ajayi-Olowo Precious from Nigeria specially created 5 paintings themed with “Tiger Year” for this activity


This activity is hosted by Information Office of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government, Wenzhou Cyberspace Administration, and organized by Wenzhou Overseas Media Center and Publicity Department of the CPC Lucheng District Committee.