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Those interesting old place names of Wenzhou
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Do you know Aideng Bridge had a link with Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty (A.D.1368-A.D.1644), the name of Jiming Hill was followed by emperor Qianlong, the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty (A.D.1636-A.D.1912) visiting the area south of Yangtze River, and the bustling Miaoguosi Market was a shelter where the poor old people lived...

The naming of a place is basically based on what the place used to be, or what landmarks, enterprises and institutions are on the street, such as the "Xueyuan Road"(Academy) and "Hangbiao Road"(Beacon). Without such buildings, it should get an easy-remembered name. For example, many old streets and lanes in the urban areas have been demolished and converted into the high buildings. Many of the buildings built on those old places are named with previous names, such as "Zhuguan Building" and "Dashimen Building" and the like. It is for people not forgetting what the places used to be in the past.

Zhuguan Lane

The interesting old place names of Wenzhou 
The streets, roads, lanes, alleys of Wenzhou are crisscrossing and extending in all directions. And their names have long histories with interesting meanings. Now we take several examples to readers.

For eating: Renshen Lane (ginseng), Tangyuan Lane (glue puddings), Maitang Lane (sugar).

For clothing: Shamaohe Street (gauze cap), Junzhuang Bureau (military uniform), Puxie City (straw sandals).

For housing: Baxian Tower, Bai Tower, Guxiang Lane

For consumption: Datie Lane (iron-forging), Dayin Lane (silver-forging), Jinsuoshi Lane (golden key).

For entertainment: Chengliang Bridge (enjoying the cool), Guapengxia Street (the melon shack), Youxi Lane (a flower garden for a rest).

Named with flowers: Chunhua Lane (spring flowers), Xinghua Lane (apricot flowers), Hehua Lane (lotus).

Named with trees: Qifeng Lane (maple leaves), Yangliu Lane (willows), Jiubai Garden (cypresses).

Named with characters: Zhuanyuan Lane (the No.1 scholar), Jiangjun Bridge (the general), Lieshi Road (the martyr) .

Named with animals: Maanchi Road (the horse) , Jiming Hill (the crowing cock), Feipeng Lane (the flying roc, a legendary bird in China).

Even named with the parts of human body: Toushunao Lane (the head), Shouzhoutou Lane (the elbow).

And much more named with good omens: Qingnian Lane (means to celebrate a happy and harvest year), Laifumen Community (means that happiness is coming), Shimei Lane(means dignity and nobility), Wanshou Lane (means longevity).