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International friends are fascinated by Wenzhou opera
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Wenzhou people used to have a nursery rhyme, saying “四月四,做做戏”, which means "Every household in Wenzhou always watch opera on the 4th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar".

On May 26 (the fourth day of the fourth month of the Chinese calendar), WenzhouDaily specially invited 4 foreign friends from different countries to discuss "Wenzhou opera" together with Wenzhou folklore expert Zhu Ming for experiencing the charms of Wenzhou opera.

Chinese opera began with the Nanxi Opera, and was born in Wenzhou more than 800 years ago. Therefore, Wenzhou is known as the "Hometown of the Nanxi Opera", then the Nanxi Opera gradually developed and expanded outward. With the changes and developments of the times, the original Nanxi Opera has faded, but it does not mean this ancient opera form disappears, it just continues to spread in different appearances.

On the same day, the foreign friends invited to participate in the event organized by WenzhouDaily were 4 international students from Wenzhou Medical University - Michaela (South Africa), Megha (India), Vanessa (Zimbabwe) and Clarisse (Burundi). Among them, Michaela was invited by WenzhouDaily last year to experience Wenzhou ’s Ouju Opera under the guidance of Ms. Cai Xiaoqiu, the head of Wenzhou Ouju Opera Troupe. She says that she has really fallen in love with Ouju Opera since that experience, and always hopes she could get more opportunities to learn Wenzhou opera.

At the event, Mr. Zhu Ming, a folklore expert, introduced foreign friends the classification of Wenzhou operas, the elements of opera existed in Wenzhou people’s daily lives, and the Wenzhou local folk tunes. With vivid and beautiful singing voice and exquisite old objects, he brought everyone into the world constructed by Wenzhou opera. After a burst of applause, our foreign friends followed Mr. Zhu Ming crooning the folk tune together. They all said that the Wenzhou Opera is so interesting and hope to share it with more foreign friends.