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Foreigners try to cook Chinese food 丨 Have you tasted “fried eggs with tomatoes and cilantro”?
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"Fried eggs with tomatoes" is one of the most popular dishes in China.

Basically all foreigners living in China have tasted this dish. Today let us take a look at how foreigners make this dish.

In today’s video we have Brett from South Africa and Bishnu from Nepal. They are both students of Wenzhou Medical University and have lived in Wenzhou for many years, and especially they have an appetite for Chinese food. They tell us that usually they would try to cook some Chinese food at home. Though they are not sure whether the dishes they make at home are authentic or not, they have always been willing to keep trying. And it is the first time for them to make “Fried eggs with tomatoes”. By the way, they also hope to learn more about Chinese food through the video-filming.

According to the cooking steps Chinese people usually have, we fry the eggs and the tomatoes separately before we stir-fry them in the pan together. Unlike us, the two foreign friends cooked the dish in their own way. After completion, flavors of their dishes won a reputation among the passers-by who’d given a try. Now, let's have a look at how they make their unique "Fried eggs with tomatoes".

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