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The World Wenzhounese Conference "Firstheart" Dream still.
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There is a voice called Wenzhou dialect; 
there is a melody called ‘Dingdingdang’; 
there is a legend, called Wenzhou mode;
there is a spirit, called Wenzhounese; 
there is a paint, called Wenzhou landscape; 
there is a love, called Wenzhou local custom! 
There is a calling, called going home; 
there is an emotion, called gathering together.

On November 9th, more than 1,300 Wenzhounese from all over the world gathered in Wenzhou The Great Hall of the People to jointly open a commemorative album which is recording the history of Wenzhou's reforming and opening up at the site of the 2018 The World Wenzhounese conference. Forty years of brilliant journey, how many glorious moments concentrated in this feature films for the opening ceremony of the "FirstHeart".