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The latest publicity film of "The World Wenzhounese" is released! Dare to be the pioneers of the globe, the world Wenzhounese
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Where there is sea water, there are their silhouettes in the chasing of ocean waves

Where there are opportunities, there are the great feats achieved by them

Debating in academia, cutting deals in commercial circles, contesting in sporting battlefields, performing in artistic stages

Dare to be the pioneers of the world, the world Wenzhounese

Wherever the birds can fly

There are pioneering footsteps left by Wenzhounese

Where the sun shines

There are Wenzhounese standing and embracing the first light of dawn

Walking with the world and synchronizing with the motherland

The Wenzhounese in the new era

Keep firmly in mind the requests of general secretary of Xi Jinping

Moving forward bravely, sailing and chasing dreams

Write a new & better chapter for tomorrow

This film is dedicated to all the Wenzhou in the world.